Linode ip is redirected to subdomain


I've been trying to find out why my Linode server ip is redirected to a subdomain of my domain. So my domain is and my Linode ip is When someone surfs to he arrives at

I have two corresponding A records.

one with an empty hostname, and as IP

And another with

ghent as hostname and also as IP.

What can I do to make surfing to my Linode IP as IP effectively going to my domain root

Thanks for any advice around this.



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Your DNS is great and checks out! Would you be able to post your Apache config? I can take a look for you :)

I see you're using Apache on CentOS. With Apache, requests that don't specify a particular host (such as those for the IP address) are served by the "first" VirtualHost configuration. Files are read alphabetically and processed in order. If, for example, you have two files named and containing the VirtualHost configurations, then comes first ("g" before "o"). You could force the other one to be first by renaming it something like and restarting Apache.

If both sites are configured in the same file, you need to move the VirtualHost you want to be first up to the top.

In short, Lance is saying the first listed virtual host is the default virtual host.

Check out this doc which may be helpful to you:

Aestesi, Vance,

Thank you both very much for your answers. I got it working now and added a .htaccess rule

RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^212\.71\.234\.84
RewriteRule (.*)$1 [R=301,L]

To prevent Google from complaining for SEO.




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