Easy deployment, surprisingly low CPU contention—great job!

I spun up a temporary Linode 4096 instance to briefly run (for no more than a few hours) a high-CPU workload. I'm just floored at how low the CPU contention is. top tells me there's very little to no CPU steal time. Combined with the hourly billing and the Images feature which lets me deploy a ready-to-use system in a matter of minutes, I am simply very impressed with the Linode cloud platform and the flexibility it offers to handle jobs of any size at a cost that's within budget.

The temporary instance has since been removed, but Linode will continue to have my business for a very, very long time. Thank you! :)


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We appreciate that feedback. Our team, particularly the hardware people, work very, very hard to make sure that our plans not only are reasonable in price but provide great performance. When I started using Linode as a customer almost 5 years ago, performance was the first thing I noticed.

Fast-forward to now with KVM Linodes and it's even better. :)


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