Multi-Developer (SFTP) Development Env Setup Issue

Hello All!

Here's my issue:

Subject: Proper Perm Setup of code directory for multi-developer usage

Problem Scenario:

  • Dev#1 and Dev#2 are both non-sudoers in the same group, "devs" and they are working on PHP files in a folder permed drwxrwsr-x. (all files created within are set to -rw-rw-r– automatically)

  • Dev#1 creates a file, permed -rw-rwxr--. The new file is now owned by Dev#1.

  • Dev#2 can modify the file using vi directly on the server with no problems. (He is not the owner, but the "devs" group owns has rw perms to the file.) HOWEVER,

  • Dev#2 changes the file via SFTP client ('s coda), but SFTP client throws up a modal window when it succeeds in writing target file content, but fails to change the modification date of that file.


Is there a permission or other server-side setting that will fix this problem? (apparently an SFTP issue?)

Thanks in advance for any help,


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