Small Webhosting on my Linode.

Hello there,

I would like for a couple of friends of mine, deploy webserver on my Linode. as the normal vhost with the Apache works, etc. I know, I put it on my "own" Linode.

But I want to set disk space and traffic for the web servers.

How do I do that?

(sorry, my english isnt very good).

Thanks !

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Would you like to limit traffic and disk space for each user ? Go with some opensource control panel like virtualmin

yea thats what i wont, like a normal webhhosting company is manageing the webservers.

But i want to make it at my own and learn how to do it.

You basically want a web hosting control panel that has "reseller" features. The big commercial ones are Plesk, WHM, and CPanel. For something free and open source I suggest checking out ISPConfig, it should do everything that you need.

i want to code my own scripts or whatever, i dont want to use others !

Ok then, some things to research for you:

chroot - this will stop users from accessing anything outside of their home directory

quota - set file and disk usage quotas per user or group

modbw or modbandwidth or mod_cband - modules for Apache to limit the total bandwidth for each website

You'll also need to get apache, php and other services to use local per user config files. phpmyadmin and mysql have user support built-in.

That should get you started!

thanks !! it works good, but is there a way to manage the apache2 vhosts in my mysql database?


thanks !! it works good, but is there a way to manage the apache2 vhosts in my mysql database?

I dunno but it sounds like a bad idea.


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