Sharing bandwidth with different Linode customers

We use Linode heavily as kind of CDN, storing static files that never change. Our Linode bill is about $1000p/m and most of the CPUs/disc IO is hardly used at all. The reason why we have so many instances is that each instance contributes to the total available bandwidth pool. So by having so many instances we do not pay for bandwidth overages which are very expensive ($0.1 per GB)

I believe there must be lots of companies who use Linode primarily for storing applications that are heavy on CPU/disc IO and use very little of the bandwidth.

I think there could be nice synergies in place where we could stop most of our instances and use someone's other instances for static content and essentially paying part of someone's Linode bill.

Anyone interested?

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I realize that I'm replying really late here, but bandwidth overages are $0.02/GB, not $0.10/GB. This is, of course, still much more expensive than adding a bunch of 1GB linodes to your account, which if treated as pure bandwidth have a cost of $0.005/GB (that's half a cent).

If you are operating on a really large scale, where you have tons of linodes on your account just to get the bandwidth from them, you may want to contact Linode directly to try to negotiate something where you get the bandwidth in bulk without having to put a ton of Linodes on your account: they may be willing to work with you because you'd be saving them money.


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