The linode is very slow


I have 3 sites in a single linode which all of a sudden has become pathetically slow. ( a static site)

all the three sites takes a lot of time to load. I absolutely have no clue on why its taking so much time. Any help will be greatly appreciated



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I'm surprised they load at all… and are pointed at Linode's DNS servers by your registrar, but Linode's DNS servers know nothing about them.

For, I used the Developer Tools in the Chrome browser to see why it's taking so long (hamburger -> More tools -> Developer tools)… took about 3.1 seconds to open a connection to your web server, then about 1 minute for it to respond with the HTML content. The ~222 requests thereafter (the number was still increasing due to dependencies after 4 minutes) varied from under a second to over a minute to load.

Would advise investigating why your application is taking 60 seconds to generate your HTML page; this is probably causing your web server to fall behind. Also, requiring hundreds of distinct objects to load before your page renders is not great for performance.


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