What's up with London?

So, I can't reach my London linode. No answer to ping, no remote login.

Dashboard however tells me everything is fine. But lish-london.linode.com is unavailable via ssh (SYN sent, no reply), and the various console options from linode manager don't work either. So something in London is definitely offline.

Update: Ok so there's apparently a DoS attack currently going on for London (and Dallas). The world needs a global task force to hunt those low-lifes responsible for that kind of thing.

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It would appear that Linode is under attack in general. For reference check http://status.linode.com/. I have no doubt that the administrators are doing everything they can to eliminate the problems.

Very frustrating day. Website has been offline every 30-40 minutes with random times in between. Its now 6pm and this has been going on since midday.

Taken all my cpc offline to limit financial impact. Its not the end to our Boxing Day sale we'd hoped for. Happy New Year everyone.

I've selected Linode more than 5 years ago because of proven uptime. Today I'm very disappointed - my server was unavailable more than 10 hours.

~~![](<URL url=)http://i67.tinypic.com/24fb9dc.png" />

Linode, will you do something with these attacks to prevent them in the future? Any ETA?

Can we hope for some sort of compensation for these outages?~~

The terms of service mention a pro-rated credit for downtime above .1% in a month, but I believe you have to request it via the ticket system.

We're not happy with the downtime ourselves, but at least for the moment we are inclined to wait it out - Linode competitors in the same price range are probably equally exposed to this type of attack, so likely not much gained by moving elsewhere.

I just read a status update on the status page. Linode is definitely being targeted by some nefarious individual or group. When the dust settles, I hope there is some way for the attacker(s) to be brought to justice.


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