What about plesk?

One more question,..what about Plesk? Is there any advantage to using it versus cpanel and/or using nothing?


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I used Plesk on a shared hosting plan I had before I moved over to Linode. I wasn't a fan. I liked cPanel better but sometime after I moved to Linode I decided I wanted a control panel that wouldn't require to many resources (and didn't cost a fortune). I installed ISPConfig and I haven't had any problems with it. It isn't a resource hog and if you ever decide you want to stop using it you can just disable its crontab that runs every minute to carry out any changes that you've made within the control panel. Backup your /etc directory before you install.

It will change your configuration files for your web browser virtualhosts and overwrite any changes to make to them directly but as the site administrator you can add any directives you want inside the control panel. There are a lot of tutorials on how to set it up and their community forum was pretty responsive when I had questions.

Thank you for the tip on ISPConfig. It looks very interesting. I intend to give it a try on a small Centos linode.


Webmin / Virtualmin is also a top solution. Not saying anything bad about ISPconfig. Just adding an option.


There is a paid and GPL version. The GPL version is just fine and has nothing lacking.

I tried Webmin several years ago. I will take another look.

Thanks, Jeff


One more question,..what about Plesk? Is there any advantage to using it versus cpanel and/or using nothing?

I see that Plesk has much more better user interface than cPanel. As result - better usability. And Plesk much more secure than cPanel. cPanel has numerous vulnerabilities that have not yet been fixed. Plesk releases security updates very quickly and does not have a problems with it.

Plesk sucks, coming from a tech who has to support it.

Go webmin or cpanel.

If you are comparing cPanel and Plesk control panels, here's the difference -

MySQL databases -

In cPanel, you create a database, then create a database user. Then you add the database user to the database and give him permissions. In Plesk, you create a database (MySQL or MS SQL) and create a database user for that database.

Beginners choice -

Plesk is the best choice for beginners since it offers easy navigation as compared to cPanel.

Advanced users choice -

cPanel is the best for advanced users as it offers several options, are more powerful and support more than one operating systems used by the developers.

Hope this will help you.


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