Using lish to connect to server

I followed the "Securing Your Server" guide and disabled password authentication on my server. However, this makes using lish to access the server useless since it requires a password login. Is there any way to access the server via lish when password authentication has been disabled?


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Lish shouldn't be impacted by your changes. Lish uses console access (over a virtual console serial interface), so won't be impacted by any restrictions you put on ssh sessions. You do use ssh to reach the Lish server itself (and can separately install keys in the manager and disable password support for the Lish connection), but the link from Lish to your Linode does not use ssh. It works even if you completely shut down networking on your Linode.

– David

Turns out problem was a dumb mistake on my part. Thanks for the info on how lish works.


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