new LEMP stack: roll my own, stack script, Linode professional services, other?

I asked this a couple of times before, never gets much love….

I have a few Linodes already. Set them up ages ago using LAMP, then switched to nginx.

Ready to start up some news ones, so I'd prefer LEMP from the get-go. There doesn't seem to be a recent-ish stack script to do that, so I'm wondering….

Have the StackScripts died because either

1) its just as easy to roll your own using the Guides (I could do this, it's just a PITA)

2) people stopped publishing StackScripts because they wanted to sell there own consulting services

3) Linode would rather sell Professional services.

Now I realize point (2) is somewhat self-selecting, and I could "solve" it by following the Guides, and then providing a LEMP stack script. I might do that.

Other than that, what do people do for a LEMP setup? Follow the guides, then clone off your disk after setup but before site-specific installs? Pay Linode to set it up once, then clone it off before site specific installs? Hire someone outside?

Thanks for any thoughts or comments.

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I've developed my own solution. I am not sure if I'm allowed to "self promote", so I'll send you a PM in case its of any help to you (its open source).


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