Non-functioning moderator setup on this forum?

So, what's up with the MIA forum moderators? 246 spam posts (so far) over the last two days on the General forum, from the same user, posts are reported, but reported posts all seem to take several days to be reacted on. Which results in, right now, page after page of spam before you find a genuine thread.

I can only conclude that when you report a post, it doesn't generate an email to moderators.

That simply won't do. I'm currently a mod on a high-traffic forum and we get emails for every reported post, there's no hassle in that, and the result is that the spam is gone in seconds. If I don't click on the link in the report email inside the first minute some other mod will already have cleaned it out, it works that well.

That's clearly not how it works here for sure..

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