glibc exploit - update your servers

The recent glibc (well ok technically it was around since last year) has been patched and a new glibc has started circulating from Linux distros.

I'm using CentOS 7 on all my servers and RHEL/CentOS rpm packages have been released as of today. Unfortunately, linode mirrors aren't up-to-date, but you can by-pas the mirrors and hit the main CentOS repository.

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The glibc patch is in our CentOS mirrors as of this morning

All nicely patched already.

If a mirror is a bit late to update, you can always modify your /etc/yum.repos.d/ files to bypass mirrors and to hit directly.

Thanks rmcintosh for letting us know, hopefully everyone will be running some kind of yum-cron to load updates automatically.


glibc can stay memory resident even after an update if its being used by something and since this is a major (and I MEAN MAJOR) library in Linux, your best bet is to reboot.


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