1 Linode 4GB or 2 x Linodes 2GB

I know this is a vague question, but in general, running a LAMP stack, do you think it´s better to have 1 Linode 4GB or 2 Linodes 2GB, one dedicated to MySQL?



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Try nginx and maybe you only need one linode 2 GB :-)

I would put everything together anyway: If your web server needs 2.5 GB and your MySQL needs 1.5 GB, splitting in two different machines will not make the resources to be better used.

Go with remote mysql if you have intense mysql queries or else set it up under same server so that you can use more resource for web server.

Thanks guys.

Another question, i´m thinking of upgrading my server that hosts a wordpress site.

After some researches i made up this configuration, what do you think?

I´m on a Linode 4GB.

Ubuntu 16.04

NginX frontend (Static content)

Apache backend (Dynamic Content)

HHVM with PHP-FPM Fallback


(Maybe PHP 7, maybe Redis for Cache)

What do you think?


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