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I have just been introduced to Linode and LAMP.

I have been able to setup a site using wordpress..yeahhh…However, in a discussion recently, a web designer indicated that he wanted a sandbox; to create a working website for making a presentation to his manager.

My question(s) is:

1. I know I can setup virtual servers using apache. Using my linode, can I create a using the same ip address and then use that as the sandbox without registering with a godaddy or some other hosting service?

2. What else would I need to do to make this happen?

3. If (1) is not possible, would I be able to make a 'new' website using, without impacting my production website?

I have seen when I can create new NS records in Linode DNS and point to the same IP, am just not sure if I have to register with a web hosting service…


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The way I do this to set up test on the server, then edit the hosts file on my computer to point to the ip address.

As bryantrv notes, you can use the hosts file. Alternatively, you can create an entry in DNS pointing to the IP address. This can be a subdomain; you don't have to bother registering a whole new domain. For example, if you already own, you can create a DNS entry for or whatever subdomain you like. Apache doesn't care about what is in DNS; it just looks at what the browser sends in the Host: field, which it gets from what is typed into the address bar (or a link that is followed).

Thanks guys …much appreciated


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