Problems trying to access Linode Wordpress remotely

I'm new to Linode and WordPress and have been asked to download a copy of all of the pages of a WordPress website. I am a quick learner and have a lot of other computer hardware and software experience.

I'm trying to gain remote access and I've tried Putty, Filezilla and Lish Via Browser and each method reports an error as follows:

Filezilla - using a restricted user account I get - Error: Authentication failed. Critical error: Could not connect to server

Filezilla - using an unrestricted user account I get - Error: Authentication failed. Critical error: Could not connect to server

Putty - just returns a network timeout error. I never get a login prompt.

Lish via browser - I get invalid login using both a restricted and unrestricted user account.

I would appreciate any help or guidance in to what I am doing wrong or what is keeping me from getting logged in. I have read other posts relating to SSH and remote access on this forum and have not found anything that was helpful to my situation.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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It sounds like you do not have a valid username and password to log in to your server. Keep in mind that Wordpress's idea of accounts only applies when logging in to Wordpress. The system's accounts are managed separately and do not necessarily correspond to the account names and passwords that Wordpress uses.

When logging in via SSH or Lish, you need to use the username and password of an account that has been established on the system. This can be done during deployment or afterward.

As Vance mentioned, your WordPress login is going to be different than a Linode login.

What are you trying to do exactly?

WordPress and other content management systems use a relational database to store and retrieve pages. So you can't exactly FTP/SSH in and them download them like you would a static GIF or JPEG file.

If you're simply trying to backup the site, use a WordPress plugin for that which will take not only a copy of that database but any accompanying files and code that are used.

Vance and Spin This, thank you for your responses. I forgot to subscribe to my post and was not notified when you guys replied. I have rectified that now.

I understand the WordPress credentials are different than the Linode server credentials. I was using user names and passwords setup in the Linode account.

Ultimately I am trying to get all the files, pages and database in order to move the website to another host.

Being new to Linode and WordPress I thought I could FTP like a regular .html site and thank you for pointing out that it is different.

I already have a plugin (updraft plus) and have backed up the database. I currently have the database backed up as a .gz file and seperate .zip files for plugins, others, themes, and uploads.

Spin This - would these be all I need to create the website at another host?

Rather than futzing with .gz files and mySQL dumps…..use a plugin. I use the All-in-one-WP-Migration plugin. Install this on the old WP site…. do a download of the files…. then bring up your new WP site and install the plugin again and then import from your saved file. Takes just a couple of minutes. One thing to check….be sure that you've got the same permalinks setting on the new site that you have on your old site. The All-In-One-WP-plugin also saves the themes and all other plugins of your site.

OK, I was finally able to get access through FileZilla, however the WordPress site is broken as the admin login page will not come up. It returns an Error 500 and will not load the page so using plugins is not an option at this point. So I need to figure out what is causing the admin login page fail to load.

Is there a way to add MySql access to my Linode account without going through WordPress? With MySql access I should be able to dump the database and get what I need to set up the site on a new host. The database backup that I thought I had turned out to be corrupted and not really usable.

The website that fails is

I solved the problem by disabling the themes and plugins by renaming the folders and have successfully logged in to the admin control panel. Thank you all for your help and suggestions.

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