Hello Everyone

Hello everyone, this is Grace and a newbie here. Looking forward to healthy interaction.

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Welcome to our forum! Glad you could make it :)


Welcome to our forum! Glad you could make it :)

Hey, thank you for the warm welcome. I need to ask, how do i get started with Linode. I am completely new to this . Currently, i am using a windows 7 and also working on a project for an e-commerce site.

Some guidance in layman terms would be highly appreciable.

Well, I'll be honest - this is going to be a whole new world if most of your experience is with Windows. There's good news, though, there's amazing documentation everywhere to do anything. Getting started with Linode is best explained in this guide. It'll walk you through the steps of signing up, deploying your Linode, and even linking you to guides to getting security set up and more.

Hi Grace! Another noob here! Go to the Documentation pages, they're incredibly good for us beginners!


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