Open edX on Linode

Hello all,

Newbie user here, trying to set up an Open edX installation ( as per these instructions ( … stallation"> This installation uses CodeJail ( which requires AppArmor. From a search of the forums here, it seems that AppArmor is not enabled in the "stock" Linode platforms, necessitating the use of a custom kernel. I have followed links from this forum which led to 404's, but have since found these guides for using a custom kernel with Linode. ( … s-distros/">

My questions, then:

1. Has anyone here successfully deployed Open edX on Linode, and would be willing to offer insights, tips, things to watch out for, etc.?

2. Is there anyone who would be willing to have a glance at the Open edX install instructions linked above, and might foresee any issues with trying to deploy on Linode custom kernel?

3. Honestly, would it be better to go with a (AWS-)hosted solution instead of trying to "make it work" myself on Linode?

Thank you kindly.

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Please find the solution to your answer here - … tions.html">


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