Understanding IPv4 & IPv6

Ok, I seriously do not understand the following, so please be gentle.

If you access the internet from an IPv4, can you only see websites hosted that use an IPv4? Or if I only use IPv6 for my name servers and websites, everyone can still access the sites regardless their connection IP type?

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Technically yes, if you only have IPv4, you can only visit IPv4 sites. Despite this however, basically all modern operating systems operate on both IPv4 and IPv6, so regardless of the site you're accessing, it will just pull the needed address based on what you have, IPv4 or IPv6.

To clarify what mkorsak said: while most operating systems support IPv6, the most common limiting factor is your ISP. Unless your ISP supports IPv6 you won't be able to access systems across those ranges. That's why there are services like https://tunnelbroker.net/ which let you configure a IP6to4 bridge.

In addition, there's lots of legacy home/office networking gear out there that doesn't support IPv6, or isn't configured to support IPv6. And there's lots of people connected to the Internet via that gear who have no idea about IPv6.

Bottom line is, if you want your website accessible to all, ensure it's correctly configured via IPv4.

Thank you all. Yer, I currently have it cross compatible, but was not sure that was correct or if I was doing something worse for my sites overall.

I have my ns1 record glued to ipv4, my ns2 record glued using ipv6, and I have all sites installed using both ipv4 shared (WHM) and a dedicated ipv6 assigned too.

So I haven't screwed this up then, from reading above.

Thank you very much for the help in understanding that…


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