Thank you for the free RAM upgrade

The RAM uprade was an extremely nice surprise. Very much appreciated. This actually helps me out quite a bit, running JIRA and Gitlab on the same server can be a nightmare with only 4GB. This reaffirms my decision to move from AWS to Linode about a year ago. I like Linode for the simplicity in their pricing and features. Everything is kept simple and organized intuitively in the dashboard. I know exactly where to go turn on my instance and how to resize it if needed. No surprises with billing either. I noticed that Amazon was finding all kinds of ways to nickel and dime me and the customer support was a joke. It'll cost you extra if you want real customer support at Amazon. The support offered at Linode doesn't cost anything extra (last I checked) and shows that they actually care about their customers.

You also get so much more for less. I'm referring to the basics like bandwidth, memory, storage, CPU, not crazy complicated elastic scaling crud. It would cost approximately double to get a comparable setup on AWS. To be fair to Amazon, I should've realized that I probably didn't need all of AWS's convoluted features and pricing to begin with, but I blame that on myself for being young and naive. Speaking of which, the recovery console has definitely come in handy when I try my hand at DevOps engineering.

So thank you for the incredible service over the last year and I look forward to being a customer for many more years to come.

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That really does mean a lot to us! I've been with Linode for almost three years now and I can attest to the fact that all they really want is to make you happy. Each member of this company really does strive to accomplish that. You being here makes it all worth it, thank you for sticking with us!

I'm going to make sure the rest of the team sees this, but if you ever run into any questions or concerns, please let us know!


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