Any recommendations on good setup for preparing for RHSCA

I'm a long time Linux user but I'm finally going to try to level up. I've got the Michael Jang book and it looks like his sort of lab setup is this so perhaps I should try to mimic this for my setup. I'm not sure what combination of services here at Linode would do this in a cost effective yet useful way? Right now I've got the $10/month account.

Anyway, Michael Jang recommends you have these roles:

Server1 - on the network. The book assumes a fixed IP. He uses a specific one in examples but of course I'd use whatever's assigned by Linode. He assumes a fixed IP of Of course, I fill in the blanks with whatever Linode assigns me he just uses those for example purposes.

Tester1 Secure shell server that supports remote access, configured as on the network. Book assumes fixed IP of

Outsider1 - Workstation on a third IP address, configured on as Some services should not be accessible for that workstation. The book assumes a fixed IP address of

I use OS X so presumably this Outsider1 machine would be on virtualbox or something?

Any advice at all on the optimal setup or anything else regarding prep for RHCSA would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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BTW, was /dev/random the right place to post this question?

/dev/random is fine for this, General Discussion under the Linux section would also be okay

I might have answered my own question by just doing it. Not sure if it's optimal or not, maybe more resources than needed for a learning environment:m Two Linodes - $10/month each

Then for the Outside system I think that a VM running on Virtual Box on my Mac OS system will do the trick.

Now to get moving with this.


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