Running out of options--if I need to rebuild a server, what's the best practice?

A recent issue has been brewing on my server ( that I can't seem to pinpoint or resolve and the overall community seems stumped so.. I need to weigh some options before this becomes debilitating.

If I have to rebuild the server on my account, what's the best way to handle that price/option/etc wise? Do I just kick open a new linode, build it up–and then.. what? I usually buy a yearly one with backups and all of that so I don't quite know how this song and dance needs to go. If it comes down to it I just need a day or two to migrate.

What's the best practice for this idea?

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Open a support ticket, they'll be able to help you with the right steps to build a new one, get the yearly pre-pay xferred and remove the old one.


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