exim4 + courier-imap won't allow sending from desktop

Running debian with exim4, courier-imap, courier-imap-ssl.

I can connect to my ~/Maildir to read mail. Sending from outside my domain works fine, as does sending from the command line (both to my domain and to other domains).

But … when I'm at my desktop (dsl connection from verizon.net), in sylpheed I get 'relaying not permitted' (kmail on my desktop doesn't permit me to send from my linode domain either). (Again, I can read my ~/Maildir from my desktop.)

(I checked the postfix info log on my gateway here at home, and the mails I am having trouble with aren't going through postfix.)

I think there's some conf file(s) for exim4 or for courier which I need to vi to allow relaying by myself, but I haven't been able to pin down which file. googled and googled groups.google.com, and looked at a couple of exim + courier sites, but without success.

Anyone have a clue for me which conf file I need to vi?


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Sorry to reply to my own post … but it's working now.

I had thought that debian's exim4 read the files under


and if I edited them, then exim4 would behave with their settings. Turns out exim4 reads


and after editing the files in /etc/exim4/conf.d/, you have to do update-exim4.conf to regenerate the real conffile.

Works now after I edited


to include my gateway's ip from ifconfig ppp0 and did update-exim4.conf


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