Linode as OpenVPN AS - Inbound port forwarding to client


I moved recently and my current ISP doesn't blocks all inbound ports to customers.

Long story short, after a excessive argument with them I needed an alternative way to route my inbound traffic so I set up a linode to use as an OpenVPN gateway.

That part works fine, I configured my linode as a OpenVPN AS and connected my pfsense firewall as a client.

Outbound traffic works perfectly however I'm having difficulties setting up port forwarding or simply allowing all incoming traffic to be allowed through either.

I have spent quite a substantial time researching the internet however I did not find the information I was looking for…or I may have implemented it incorrectly and it didn't work…

Could someone shed some light what I'm missing here please? :?

Thank you


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hi there

A suggestion

setup an pfsense box within Linode

then setup an IPsec tunnel between your local pfsense and the linode one.

Add a gateway on the linode pfsense pointing to the local one and again on the local one back to the linode one…

you will then do a port forward to the gateway and again on your local one to push to the local server…

might make things a bit simpler for you


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