[SOLVED]Smtp problem between GMAIL and LINODE

Hi there, just for help community!

I've been successed with my problem. I'll try to explain for you and as soon as possible you should to post it in your documentation because it's would help someone.

In my server I have a application developed in PHP and and phpmailer to send email for users. I'm using SMTP Gmail account to do this, and I had a problem, that message appear like this "Could not authentication" and "invalid password".

I logged in my gmail account, check pop options and enabled this two options:



I had success.

I followed this: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2193 … -my-server">http://stackoverflow.com/questions/21937586/phpmailer-smtp-error-password-command-failed-when-send-mail-from-my-server

Thanks a lot

Best Regards

Thiago Zanardo

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Thanks, Thiago Zanardo that works for me.


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