1st Time install Wordpress

Hi Everyone:

I am working on installing wordpress for the first time, never used it or install it. I already have a server that my programmer has setup for something else..but he is not working on it, however I don't want to delete it for future use.

I would like to know how to slice the server so I can install Wordpress separately without affecting what's already on it.

Do I Rebuild? OR Deploy an Image OR Create a new Configuration Profile? Once I know that I can start following the user guide on how to install the Wordpress!

Thank you very much!!!!

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Depending on your webserver, you will need to set up a different virtual host for your wordpress install.

Rebuilding will erase all data on the linode. Same with deploying an image, and linodes can only run one profile at a time, so unless your programmer doesn't mind his systems going down, you will need to find another way.


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