Download disk image over SSH

I tried to follow the guide online [1] and ran into some problems. I assume this is because the guide is old and now I need to use LISH if the Linode is in rescue mode?

I am looking for the most straightfoward way to download an img of the whole system. Any advice?


[1] … e-over-ssh">

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What kind of problem did you run into? Just to make sure it's going correctly, the guide wants you to boot into rescue mode (reboot if you're currently booted into a disk), then LISH into the box (Remote Access tab > any of the LISH links). You should then be able to run the commands to 'dd' the content over.

I'm confused. When you LISH into the linode using your browser, there's no way to do a dd to your local system. Or am I missing something. Seems to me you'd have to LISH into the linode from your local commandline for that to work.

Sorry for any misunderstandings, when you use LISH you're making an out of bands connection to your server, granting you console access to perform actions as if you were SSH'd into it. You'd LISH into your server to enable SSH access to allow the DD command to connect to your server.

You can run a DD command from within the receiving machine, using the IP address of your server and connecting to the now SSH-able Linode to receive the content.

I realize this is an old discussion, but hoping someone is still watching this thread. Is the single user mode / rescue mode necessary or can you download your image off of a live system?

@louiskabo You'll need to have the Linode in Rescue Mode. You can follow the exact steps which are outlined in the guide below.

Copy a Disk Over SSH


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