HTTP2 / Nodebalancer experience

Hi all,

I'm considering HTTP2, but I would still like to use Linode nodebalancers.

As far I understand, Nodebalancer HTTP forwarding doesn't support HTTP2, so I guess my only option is to use TCP method and handle the HTTP2 termination on the webserver (nginx).

Does anyone have experience with that setup?


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I haven't personally done the setup you're mentioning, but I've seen many that have fine. Passing over the traffic via TCP and terminating on the server should work fine.

A word of warning:

Linode's NodeBalancer has two major limitations that you should be aware of. First, in HTTPS mode, it does NOT support SNI with multiple certificates, so a NodeBalancer can't be used for a large installation or shared environment, ok so you think you can use TCP mode instead. But, here is the second limitation, if you try to use TCP mode, then you loose the ability to log the IP address of the remote client, your webserver will ONLY read the IP address of the NodeBalancer, because a NodeBalancer in TCP mode can't set the X-Forwarded-For header (because HTTPS is terminated at your web server).

The only functional solution is to setup HAproxy with Nginx for load balancing and HTTP/2 support.


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