So I had my site on one server

I moved it to another server

and I don't know why I can't get it to connect. works just fine which is on the new server

Is it possible there is a cache of my ISP?

I changed the ip address in the AAA record.

Apache starts with no errors.

If the AAA record didn't work then apache2 would fail to start wouldn't it? With the site enabled of course.

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From here, both and resolve to the same A record (IPv4 address) which is a Linode address. Neither have an AAAA record (IPv6 address). Note that there is no such thing as an AAA record.

If you are using virtual hosts, make sure that you have a ServerName or ServerAlias directive for both and If you aren't using virtual hosts, then Apache shouldn't care what host is being sought by the browser.

In some cases, Apache may look at reverse DNS, but even if that doesn't exist it will still start (while issuing a warning).

Thanks for the reply man.

I see now that linode updates changes every 6 hours.

so i just had to wait :)


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