pfSense on Linode (KVM) - create sub interface and restart network services

Linode does not officially provide support for FreeBSD (pfSense in my case). Some guides for installation of FreeBSD do exist and the install does work.

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I'm installing pfSense v2.3.2 on Linode (KVM) VM in paravirtualized mode (have also tried full virtualized). The installation completes successfully.

Linode VMs are provided a public IP (WAN) and and optional private IP. The problem is that a single network interface is used (single MAC for both Public and Private). On Linux the public and private IPs are configured as "eth0" network interface and "eth0:1" sub interface.

When pfSense boots on Linode VM only a single network interface is configured "vtnet0". I can then manually create the sub-interface as follows (similar to how "eth0" and "eth0:1" under Linux):

"ifconfig vtnet0.1 create"

I then configure the private IP address as follows:

"ifconfig vtnet0.1 inet"

If I launch the pfSense Webconfigurator, I can see both network interfaces, so I know I'm going in the right direction. My questions are:

1) In pfSense, how do I manually restart the network and routing services following the creation of the sub-interface and private IP assignment?

2) How do I save the above sub-interface configuration and private IP assignment so that they persist following a reboot?

3) In Webconfigurator, I can assign the sub-interface "vtnet0.1" as LAN. I disable IPv6 and assign an IP. When I try to ENABLE the sub interface an error comes up the DHCPv6 Service is running. I attempt to disable IPv6 from the WAN interface and the Webconfigurator appears to hang and lose the configuration entirely.

4) Lastly, is use of pfSense with two interfaces where one is actually a sub-interface an security concern (essentially a FW on a stick) - it is not intended for any production use.

Any guidance/suggestions appreciated.

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install shellcmd, then create a shell cmd with
ifconfig vtnet0.1 inet "your private ip/17"
rule on shellcmd reading in startup


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