Is there a distro option that includes basics such as LAMP and FTP

I am just getting started here. I started with the $5/month option and picked Ubuntu 16 for the distro to start with since I have used Ubuntu on the desktop in the past. I simply want to use this account to learn and experiment with HTML, Javascript, CSS and more.

Do I have to manually install things such as Apache, MySQL, PHP and FTP? Is there a starting option to have all of these things already installed and ready to use?

I was able to get Apache2 working fine, following basic instructions. MySQL also. PHP, I have not installed yet because I think the instructions I was following are old maybe? It was for php5 and I know they are up to 7 now.

When trying to get FTP installed, I typed ' sudo apt-get update' as per instructions on one site. A lot of activity starting happening and finally it hung at the line: 0% [Connecting to…

My concern is that my monthly quota is already 1% used up and I have not really done anything yet other than trying to get my account prepped so I can do something. Can someone please point me in the right direction to get started?

Thank you!


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By design, the Linode-provided distributions contain a minimal set of packages. You can use Stackscripts to install software on top of the base provided relatively painlessly. Unfortunately, I don't see a LAMP Stackscript targeted at Ubuntu 16.04. There is one that supports 14.04 - it might work with 16.04, but you never know…

Regarding your apt-get update problems, it sounds like others have experienced this when their Linode attempts to contact over IPv6. See that forum topic for a workaround.


Thank you for the information! I don't mind using any distribution or version that will be most compatible with the easiest solution.

No problem! If you have some time to fool around with things (that is, you don't need to get a working system up right away) you could try that StackScript with 16.04 and see if it works. Worst case, you can just delete it and re-deploy 14.04.

You might also find it helpful to read through the Getting Started, Security, and appropriate Web Server guides.


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