Problem w/ Postfix and Procmail

Hey All,

I am pretty good with Sendmail and Procmail, but my new install of Postfix 2.11 and Procmail is giving me a headache.

I added the following to the CF file:

mailbox_command = /usr/bin/procmail

Both are installed and I created a /etc/procmailrc file that contains one simple filter that moves an email to a different Maildir.


* ^X-SpamOriginallyTo:

When I fire it up, mail gets delivered to user "Operator" and is in the spool file /var/mail/USER

THat part works, but all other email sits in the spool file. How do I get the 'unfiltered' mail to get back into Maildir: /home/$User/Maildir

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At a guess your DEFAULT variable isn't configured for maildir stuff, so


at the beginning of the procmailrc. This is a guess :-)


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