i need some advice on whether or not it makes sense moving to linode

Good night all,

At present my company host a few websites (5) on site5.com .. We are looking to expand into new services beyond basic websites.

We are looking for a vps solution/s that will allow us to host a maximum of 10 wordpress sites, Zimbra NE pro, Zimbra talk and an application server(our apps will be built off of wordpress).

Linode was recommend to me by an admin of the zimbra irc chatroom to setup for the zimbra server.. but looking at things I know we will need more than one .. since zimbra and zimbra talk cant be on the same servers and we would need to setup multi-tenant zimbra.

So I am looking for any advice and pointers.

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What advice specifically are you looking for? Linode has some of the greatest docs on the web (https://linode.com/docs) and that should be your starting point. The only providers worth looking at are Linode, DigitalOcean, and AWS. I'm biased but AWS is very complicated and expensive, and Linode has better hardware than DigitalOcean.

thanks for your reply.. and yes I don't like AWS at all… its expensive.. will read some docs before I make my decision


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