Can't get a TXT record right

One of the newer email kids on the block,, offers to allow customers to use "custom" domains, in addition to their default ""

They ask that a TXT record be created in order to demonstrate ownership and control of the domain in question. I can't seem to get the fields filled in properly here on linode's DNS Manager.

Here are the suggested values according to protonmail (obfuscated a tad):


TXT @ protonmail-verification=3665ac9bb77d5c8f54ezzzzzead508ed568fb660

The available fields in linode's DNS Manager for TXT records are:

Name Value TTL Options

Can anyone suggest what goes where? I am thinking that the long value beginning with "protonmail" ought to be in the "Value" field. I have no idea where to put "TXT"! Ought the domainame go in "Name?"

Thanks all,

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Name: Value: protonmail-verification=3665ac9bb77d5c8f54ezzzzzead508ed568fb660

Don't worry about any of the other fields

Also, you do not need to 'put TXT' anywhere. Just click 'Add a new TXT record' and do as dwfreed said.

Thank youse you two guys!

I seem to be up and running as desired, but am reminded to be careful what we ask for!



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