It's been many years of a great VPS - too bad about the stolen IP

As a long time Linode customer (10 years?), I've been absolutely amazed at the quality and price of service that I get out of my little VPS. I rely on it, and even when my local machines crash, my Linode VPS keeps my external presence up and running. It has been a great service.

As the author of a few books, I am never happy to find a site that makes money selling stolen PDFs of my books (or any other books). These sites always pop up and move around. These are sites are run by companies (usually in Nevada) that make money selling monthly plans to access illegal downloads of entire libraries. A current example: (but it may well be renamed soon)

Unfortunately, I am finding that these sites are hosted by Linode more frequently (although another VPS provider defintely wins). And Linode does not appear to be particularly interested or concerned about it. I understand that running a VPS can't be an easy business, and kudos to Linode for stopping most of the spam generators. Still, I have seen Linode rants about the DMCA (Yes - I understand the frustration), but very little action against the most egregious copyright violations.

As a longtime Linode customer, it is quite unpleasant to see my books being sold on Linode more and more often - enough so that I will soon be looking elsewhere for a VPS if this trend continues.

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Have you reported these infringing websites to It's not feasible for us to prevent every website of this nature from being set up, since we can't review every single website deployed by our customers, but we promptly respond to any properly formed DMCA complaint. If the websites contain copyright infringing content and they are reported to us, we will ensure removal of the content and/or website (when appropriate).

always - as soon as Google finds them.


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