memory allocation for LEMP wordpress 1GB linode

i have netdata installed and noticed my free memory is almost zero. half of it is cached. what is a good percentage of memory to shoot for in terms of free:used:cached? also how can i optimize my memory allocation ?

here is the current state-

free 18

used 440

cached 493

buffers 39

i also have 256mb swap of which 30% is being used.

from what ive read that is not good. any insight is appreciated. thank you!

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For Linux and Unix, free memory = wasted memory. The operating system will try to make use of all memory. The filesystem, for example, reads and writes all file accesses through memory. So the next process to read from that file will get it directly from memory.

As for swap, you can to some extent adjust how willing the operating system is to push non-accessed memory pages to swap, by changing /proc/sys/vm/swappiness from the default '60' to e.g. '10' (less eager to write to swap). Permanently (that is, survives boot) set in /etc/sysctl.conf or (depending on distro) /etc/sysctl.d/your-config (whatever). Add a line


and you're set. Increase the value to increase swappiness instead of reducing it.

thank you i will try that. what should i use to determine if my 1gb server can support another wordpress installation or two?


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