Transfer 2 factor auth to another device

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How do I transfer my Linode account 2-factor authentication to another device?

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You can disable it 2fa and then when you re-enable it you will be shown the barcode to transfer it to a new app/device

How are you supposed to disable 2FA if you got a new device? This doesn't really answer the question.

Hopefully you generated and saved a scratch code. Most people don't…but if you did, you can use that code once, in place of the unique code you would usually grab off of your phone.

Then you can disable 2FA, re-enable it, and grab the new QRcode to add it to your device.

If you've completely locked yourself out, your only other option is to email [email protected] and provide the info outlined in their recovery procedure.

That is a good point @smallclone. Thanks for the more thorough answer. I still had my old device on hand. So I was able to log in using it, disable 2FA and then re-enable it using my new device.


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