Crypto Currency mining Pools

has anyone ran a crypto mining pool on a linode vps?

A few friends of mine are thinking on starting a bitcoin mining pool..

And since I am about to start using linode for my business ..I was wondering if I should recommend they use a linode vps.

I have read some the manuals they have been reading and all of them point to using a vps to host your mining pool..

I am open to suggestions if linode isn't a good idea.

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I'm sure I read in another post that Linode customers aren't really supposed to hog the CPU(s) flat out at all times.

It's true, we do not condone flat-out pegging 100% of CPU cores.

In my travels, however, I've heard that you'd find better luck and yield with stronger GPU's.

its just to run the pool software.. not to mine any bitcoins.. I don't think its going to be that cpu intensive..

the miners will be connecting to the pool .. the pool will connect to the blockcain.

If you're running a pool and not mining you're probably not going to be using a ton of CPU. It doesn't seem like you're not breaking any of our tos by running one. Sounds like you're free to try your hand at running a pool here.

Hopefully, we'll be able to get someone to weigh in on their experiences running one here for you.

Thanks sohsoh5.. hopefully someone can help with some experience :)

I'm sure it can handle runing pool software, wouldn't try it myself tho :D

Keep us updated if you try doing it.


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