Duplicity using AWS

I recently moved to a larger Linode and the amount of data to backup has increased.

I currently have Duplicity configured and running, but it is a bit on the slow side (destination issue) and the available disk space is not going to be enough and expanding it, and would will be more than I want to pay.

I have an AWS account and have created an S3 bucket, but I've never used the service before and while looking at some posts showing suggested setups, I seem to be missing connecting the dots.

Other than Getting the Active key and Secret Active key what other steps do I need to take to get that active.

I know I need to change the backup script to point to the bucket, modify the type of backup, currently using SSH and adjust the full and incremental settings.

As for costs, I am just going to set it up and see what happens since I have many unanswered questions when trying to calculate the cost. So I will let it run for a month and see where that lands me.

Basically I will be doing…

Full backup every week, incrementals between that and keep a month's worth of backup before they expire and are removed. ( I may adjust that over time but for right now that it what I plan to do. Other than the backup and perhaps a rare restore I will not use the AWS bucket for anything else right now.

Current compressed encrypted backups are around 32GB but will increase over time.

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