Running Virtualbox instance on Linode server

Hi everyone,

I am trying something really wierd but I need it done because of my clients requirements. I am trying to run an instance of Windows 7 using VirtualBox on a linode server running CentOS7 64bit. What I have done, installed VirtualBox, added the vm and setup its configuration, added the vdi image to the vm and managed to get it started, BUT, although the virtualbox instance of Windows 7 starts, the boot process of Windows 7 reports the following error:

Attempting to load a 64-bit application, however this CPU is not compatible with 64-bit mode.

I have searched google for answers without avail.

I have tried making changes to my linode settings and changed paravirtualization to full virtualization and vice-versa. I have tried setting the following virtualbox settings:

pae - enabled

vtxux - enabled

paravirtprovider - hyperv/kvm (tried both values and with paravirtualization enabled for my linode)

Cant seem to get rid of this problem. So to clarify when I say I an running a KVM host, I understand that linode nodes (my server instance) is a KVM guest OS. So what I am trying to do is run VirtualBox within that KVM guest.

I hope someone can help bring clarity about how to get VirtualBox to see the host (KVM instance) CPU as 64 bit.

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The Nested Guest option is disabled on our hosts. This needs to be enabled in the kvm configuration to be able to run a virtual machine inside a virtual machine. This is why it does not work when you attempt this. We dont alllow this since the performance is so degraded.

I have provided some documentation for reference.

Nested Guests

How usable are nested KVM guests

Do you allow virtual Machines now?


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