Hello folks,

Need your help in understanding this issue.

When configuring Postfix, in the original file /etc/postfix/, the following entry is found:

smtpdrelayrestrictions = permitmynetworks permitsaslauthenticated deferunauth_destination

But in the tutorial ( … -and-mysql">, this entry is omitted. Just wanted to confirm if this omission is intentional, considering this relates to smtpd relay restrictions.

Please confirm.

Thanks for help.

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Your entry is the same as the default, so you should get the same result with or without it. … strictions">

> smtpdrelayrestrictions (default: permitmynetworks, permitsaslauthenticated, deferunauth_destination)

Thanks Stever.

Are you saying that this entry "smtpdrelayrestrictions = permitmynetworks permitsaslauthenticated deferunauth_destination" has no affect?

The default has this entry but not in the tutorial.

Thanks for your help.

Yes, the postfix default is the value that parameter will have if you don't put anything into (or elsewhere) to change it. So specifying it in as the same value that it had by default makes no difference at all.

Hi Stever. Many thanks for clarifying this.


When in doubt, do not look at the configuration file, look at how postfix processes it, by running postconf


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