CSS and other data not pulling through on Drupal 8 after migration

I've recently migrated my Drupal 8 site from localhost to linode. This involved importing database via MySQL command line, SFTP drupal files to linode and install Drupal. I first had issues with content and views not appearing in the admin panel but that was fixed by creating a static page and it all suddenly appeared.

I've now gone to change the theme from Bartik to my own custom theme built upon Adaptive Theme, however the custom CSS (compiled from scss) doesn't appear. The data from my views doesn't seem to be appearing either. Does anyone have any tips to resolve my issues please?

Ubuntu 16.04

Drupal 8.4.2

PHP 7.0.22

MySQL 5.7.2

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Hi there,

Thanks for adding this question to our community forum.

Since I don't have access to the repository or database that you worked with at the time of this posting, I will try my best to provide some general assistance with this issue.

From what you wrote, it sounds like you were able to set up PHP, MySQL, Apache and Drupal on your Ubuntu Linode such that your Drupal 8 site is currently being served live on Linode. I'm glad to hear that you were able to get that established successfully.

I am unsure if you have checked out our guide on installing and configuring Drupal 8 on Debian or Ubuntu, although it is a few years old it could still be helpful to check your work against the steps we delineated below:

With regards to the front-end SCSS issue that you mentioned with your custom theme based off of Adaptivetheme - it might be helpful to check that the directory that your custom theme is located in the correct directory at /themes/ as per its install page:

Provided its there, taking a look around online, folks have mentioned that you have to also install the AT Tools module for Adaptivetheme as it is required to generate new subthemes. Below is a link to the latest version of this module:

It may also be worth linting your SCSS code to ensure there are no accidental typos or bugs breaking your code at compile time. I'm unsure of what your Drupal workflow is like but you can use the linters below with Node Package Manager (NPM):

As for the importation issues you mentioned, those are harder to assist with without working with your database itself. I would be happy to help further if you would like to reply with more info on this. The below guide might additionally help with general best practices when Migrating, below:

Lastly, although PHP may not be the exact source of your issues, it is important to mention that php 7.0 reached has recently reached its End of Life. This happened on December 3rd of this year. It is recommended that folks upgrade to php 7.2 as php 7.1 will also reach End of Life in less than a year. You can read more about this at the links below:

I hope that this helps! If you have any additional questions or would like to post the repository in question to receive more help, we would be happy to assist!

Kind regards,
Eden S
Linode Support Team


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