WordPress plugin install --> can't create directory


I'm new to Linode and I'm picking up on some work that was not completed and I'm inheriting some of the issues. Here's the immediate problem: I cannot install any plugin on a WordPress site that has about 50 plugins already installed. When I try to install the plugin I get the message "cannot create directory" and the plugin install fails. I would think that it's a permissions issue but permissions look good. 755 on the directories. That's assuming the installation goes into wp-content/plugins. Maybe it goes somewhere else for the install?

Any suggestions as to where to find additional support docs or videos would be welcomed. So far they have been helpful. I've got a ways to go before I get this hosting platform understood.


Duane Mitchell

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Are you out of disk space maybe?


Are you out of disk space maybe?
ummm….yea. Forgot about that possibility. I'm just starting on this site. I don't let my sites get full.


Permissions being 755/644 will only work if the web server process/child is running as the user. Make sure you're using ruid2 or equivalent.

It doesn't look to me like this server has been setup according to the spec in the Linode docs. For example, there's no public_html directory. The permissions I've looked at are most 777. I think I'm going to open a ticket on this to have someone take a look and make suggestions.

There's no "Linode spec" for web servers. Whoever set it up did it wrong, but Linode doesn't provide the server management for free.

publichtml is an adduser(1) template from /etc/skel, and is served via modpublic. It's never a good idea outside of multiple tenant as in e.g. academia.

Liberal use of 777 is cretinous.


I would call this documentation a "spec". This and all the rest of it. Please update it if it's not accurate.

Well, no, that's a recommendation, and a pretty crappy one at that. It sets up a low performance configuration (mpm_prefork, logging enabled in production) and an outdated version of PHP.

I'm glad you said that. I thought so too.

Yeah the guides are not a "spec," indeed they're usually targeted at beginners - if you know the difference between MPMs and how to configure them you're not really the target audience for that guide.

If there's something wrong with them, save support some time and just open an issue on the public repo for them: https://github.com/linode/docs


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