Is it safe to change hostname?

Newbie question here - Is it safe to change hostname?

All the guides stress that you need to set your hostname when you first set up your server, before setting up LAMP for example. Will changing your hostname cause problems with anything you have installed since the hostname was first set?

Thanks in advance.

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Hey there,

Changing your Linode's hostname after the fact shouldn't cause problems with your services after the fact. You should be free to change the hostname now. Hope this helps!


Stephen Crane…

Linode Customer Support

If you mean the internal hostname of the machine, yes, generally it is safe as long as the hostname resolves locally (usually via /etc/hosts). For mail servers there can be additional steps.

I have changed my hostname repeatedly but I reboot to find the hostname is reset to the original value set by linode. This is aggravating to say the least.

Linode Staff

Hey @trilogic just wanted to drop a line here to your other Community question on this issue in case it's helpful to others. <3


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