need an urgent help on how to continue from putty

Avatar forum:adewole 4 months, 3 weeks ago

i just signed up for linode hosting but i'm confused when i got to the log in via putty. i read through the guide that i have to verify fingerprint and that i should not click yes in the putty stuff, but i click yes without verifying it and when the window appeared i click to insert the root password but it wasn't showing. i'm completely newbie, i have never set up a linode hosting. i'm used to control panel on shared hosting. pls how can i proceed from here? thanks

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You might want to go with a managed hosting solution instead. You will need to know a lot more before you can operate your own hosting on a VPS.


i click to insert the root password but it wasn't showing.

This is normal. Linux never displays a login password as you type.

Just type the password and press enter.


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