How to Conquer Mountain OpenVPN

Done! Follow the guide on github. It is a fork, that is because I had to make sure if an update is made that breaks something, I have the consistent stable.

I hope you enjoy this, do not forget to allow 1194 in the firewall, or whatever port you use.

This does make the config files, and allow management of OpenVPN users. This will save time, and braincells.

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I see that the link above is no longer available. As someone who has used OpenVPN myself, I would have been interested to see how the script worked.

If someone comes across this post looking for assistance with OpenVPN, we have two guides that I think will be helpful here.

The first is how to use our One-Click Apps to deploy an OpenVPN server, which is the easiest way to get an OpenVPN server up and running quickly:
Deploy OpenVPN Access Server with One-Click Apps

The other guide walks you through the steps to do this on your own. It's helpful if you're trying to learn how OpenVPN works more:
Tunnel Your Internet Traffic Through an OpenVPN Server


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