NodeBalancer and redirecting http to https with squid

I've been following the instructions for setting up my site with https using the guide: … iguration/">

I've gotten to the point where I need to redirect http traffic to https and hit a snag. The NodeBalancer talks to two caching servers which run squid, so I need to configure squid to do the redirecting. From the guide, it looks like the way to do that is to look at the X-Forwarded-Proto header, however this post suggests that X-Forwarded-Proto is a non-standard header and therefore ignored by squid.

Does the NodeBalancer provide any other way of determining if the original request was http or https that I can have squid check?

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It's looking increasingly like the versions of squid available are too old to do the redirecting properly, so I've switched to plan B (though it's more like plan G at this point) and use something else to do the redirecting.

If anyone's still keeping score, I've come up with a solution: I have a script which listens on a port and issues a redirect. That part works.

Unfortunately the init.d script I have to launch the script at startup is not being run and I haven't the faintest clue why.


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