How do I move Django project from my local machine to Linode Debian server?

Hi all,

I'm trying to figure out how to successfully move my Django project from my local machine to Linode.

On my local machine, I enter a virtual environment, run python runserver, then navigate my browser to localhost:8080 to see my project. It works fine there. What must I do to set this up on my Linode instance so that I can navigate to the Linode address to view it successfully? For example, how do I set things up so I can navigate my browser to for example and see my project in all its glory? (That's not my real address).

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Linode has a guide for deploying Django on Ubuntu 14.04 here; you can adopt parts of it for other distributions: … ntu-14-04/">

Django's website also has some good guides for putting your app into production:

Essentially, you're going to have to set up a web server like Apache and Nginx. You'll also set up an application server like uWSGI or Gunicorn to run your Django app. Then, you'll set Apache or Nginx to proxy requests for the app to uWSGI or Gunicorn.


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