linode.errors.ApiError: 400: Linode busy

Hello everyone, I don't know if my issue is something that I don't understand or a bug. I am trying to implement a python script with python-linode-api and ApiV4 to provisioning linodes, but I am having issues following next steeps:

1) create linode

2) add private

3) add root disk (with stackscript)

4) add swap disk

My issue comes sometimes on steeps 2 or 3, very often I get the following error: "linode.errors.ApiError: 400: Linode busy.", If I add few seconds of delay between every steep usually it works, but I would like to know the following:

  • How can I determine if the linode is busy or not? (linode.status seams to be something apart from this "state")

  • Why it is a 400 status code? As far I concern, 400 code is from something error generated on client side.

Thank you so much.

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Linode Staff

The "Linode Busy" message occurs when a Linode is in the middle of a process that is preventing you from completing your request. The 400 status code reflects a "Bad Request" since your request is not able to be completed when sent. You'd see this when you try to add a disk while your Linode is deleting another disk, for example, which lines up with what you've described. Adding a delay to each step will be your best option for preventing these types of conflicts, since - as you've noted - the Linode can be busy for several seconds after its status changes. One option to add a delay is by creating a loop that obtains the current date/time and breaks when it reaches the date/time of its initial round plus the desired number of seconds.


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