Expanding a working Linode disk

I restored a Linode image to a larger Linode and the website running on it came up just fine. But now I'd like to make use of the increased capacity of the larger Linode. Currently my Linode shows…

Total: 49152 MB

Used: 13727 MB

Free: 35425 MB

The Linode Manager indicates that there are two disks currently -- a 13471MB ext4 disk, and a 256MB swap disk. Normally on a standard Linux system (not VPS) I would use gparted and expand the primary partition and move the swap partition out of the way, but as I understand it, on a Linode I can simply run the Linode Manager's "edit" function on the ext4 disk and increase its defined size such that it sucks up all the remaining capacity of the Linode (a process that will require shutting down the Linode for completion). Then, I boot it back up and it will work just like it did, but with the free space (35425 MB) added to the ext4 drive.

I just want to be sure this is the right procedure, and that it won't reformat the expanded ext4 disk, thereby requiring me to recreate the working system. (Of course I'll do a Linode image backup first, just to be safe.)

Did I understand this process correctly? Thanks!

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I just want to be sure this is the right procedure

It is


that it won't reformat the expanded ext4 disk

It won't

UPDATE: The resizing process worked as desired. The whole thing took 20 seconds: shutdown (11 sec) + resize (2 sec.) + boot (7 sec). I imaged the Linode as a safety matter prior to performing the resizing process, just to be on the safe side. Gotta love VPSing!


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