SOCKs proxy with user/password


I went through multiple tutorials and trials and was unable to get it right.

I want to setup a tor connection on my Linode and send request to my Linode using SOCKS with user:password.

The requests will be forwarded to he tor port and will return the content from the tor response.

I got the tor part to work, and I was able to get nginx or a custom Rails server to do it, but both aren't SOCKS but I send a POST HTTP request, process it , pass it to tor and reply back , which is inefficient.


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I'm hoping that I'm understanding the questions correctly, and if not, please feel free to correct me.

To set up SOCKS with a username and password, I found this page on Stack Exchange (it's a bit old, but the same concept should still apply) that gives a configuration you can use. This is based on a CentOS distribution but the same principle should apply on other distributions as well:

How can I setup a SOCKS proxy over ssh with password based authentication on CentOS?

Here's a more recent article on setting up a SOCKS tunnel for private browsing that includes password authentication:

Set up SSH SOCKS Tunnel for Private Browsing


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